* MC Churro *

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At MC CHURRO we pride ourselves with making the VERY BEST CHURROS in South Africa, even the world as said by the numerous international clientele we have had the pleasure of serving.

What sets MC CHURRO apart from the others in the CHURRO making game, is our approach to producing the VERY BEST quality churros in small batches, meticulously hand piped by our in house pastry chefs, sticking to the old TRADITIONAL WAY of doing things...

* Our Churros *

Our Churros are fried to golden perfection tossed in sugar and occasionally with a hint of cinnamon, served hot and fresh.
traditionally these are eaten plain but we highly recommend that you try one or a mixture (yes we do a half ‘n half) of the following hand
piped fillings to tantalize your taste buds.

* Dulce de leche *

When MC CHURRO started out, we just knew that Dulce de leche was the most important accompaniment to any crispy fried churro. So we set out on finding the perfect recipe. MC CHURRO cooks Dulce de leche down from scratch, using an old Argentinian recipe. We stir constantly for four and a half hours until the milk and sugar have become thick caramel, So popular and So loved, MC CHURRO's Dulce leche is sold not only filled in a fresh churro but sold by the jar to grace your fridge. Whether you spread it between layers of cake or for breakfast on toast (truly Argentinian style!), spoon it over vanilla ice cream, or have midnight spoonfuls straight from the jar. MC CHURRO's Dulce de leche is an authentic and absolutely addictive. Available by order.

* Spanish Dark Chocolate Mousse *

Our decadent Spanish Dark Chocolate Mousse is made with the greatest care to create an airy, rich mousse. We use Calabaut 75% dark chocolate that gives our mousse its intense bittersweet taste, piped into a hot churro it melts and oozes into absolute bliss.

* Vanilla Bean Bavarian Cream *

A thick vanilla bean infused custard lightened with a little whipped cream, perfect for filling a fresh churro with.

* Apple Pie *

Crispy hot churros filled with home made buttery apple pie sauce, warming cinnamon and dark mascovado sugar make for a dessert worth treat.

* Bacon Maple *

A match made in heaven! Bacon & Maple we're made for each other, salty and sweet and oh so delicious on a freshly fried churro.

* Black Cherry *

Vanilla bean & black cherries come together to create this marvelous mash up.

* Moreish maple glazed pecan nut *

What happens when you let a pastry chef play in the kitchen you ask? This right here... A crisp churro filled with browned butter Vanilla bean pastry cream maple glazed and topped with roast crushed pecan nuts. A truly dashing dessert.

* Créme Brulee *

A criso churro rolled in vanilla sugar, filled with our vanilla bean Bavarian cream, drizzled with a burnt sugar syrup... Scrumptious!

* Hot Fudge *

An American all time ice cream Sunday topping favorite, Hot fudge is a thick silly sweet sauce, somewhere between fudge and Ganache, we serve ours in a cup with a hot fresh churro in hand to dip.

* Milk Chocolate Ganache *

Calabaut milk chocolate and cream form a creamy delicious ganache to dip a fresh and crunchie churro.

* Hazelnut milk chocolate mousse *

Think Nutella meets mouse, piped into a warm crisp churro .... delicious!

Mocca mousse

Coffee and chocolate are best friends, but wait until they meet a MC CHURRO, they will be inseparable, well for a moment, until you gobble these beauties up of course!

* Strawberry Cheesecake *

We make a silky sweet cheese cake filling that we fold into a strawberry coolie, and pipe into a powdered sugar dusted churro.

* Honeycomb *

Creme patisserie au chocolat filled churro lightly brushed with melted milk chocolate and a sprinkle of crushed honey comb to finish.

* Rose & Pistachio *

When these two come together its a classy affair, Turkish delight bits and crushed pistachio nibs adorn a rose glaze drizzled churro filled with our vanilla bean Bavarian cream.

* Lemon Meringue *

Luscious lemon curd filled churros topped with crushed meringue make for a sweet and sour taste sensation... One of our favourite!

* Finest nougat liqueur *

A crisp fresh churro powdered sugar coated filled with a white chocolate and Sally William's finest nougat liqueur mousse.

* Peppermint Crisp tart *

A truly South African favorite, caramel and peppermint cream filled churros with a light sprinkling of peppermint crisp chocolate.

* Caramel Popcorn *

We love to play with finger licking good flavors and this one is right up there with the best of them. Our unique caramel popcorn churro tastes like the real deal, you'll be wondering how we got it right. Truly delightful...

Reese's Big Peanut Butter Cup

Just like the real thing, our Peanut Butter Cup Churros are filled with a gob smacking peanut butter frosting and then brushed with milk chocolate.

* Salted Bourbon Butterscotch *

We make a marvelously balanced Salted bourbon butterscotch sauce, served with a cup for your drinking pleasure, each with a crisp hot churro to dip.

S'more Churros Please!

S'mores are campfire delights. Crunchy crackers filled with toasted marshmallow and melted chocolate. Sounds delicious right? What if we told you that we replace the crackers for a crisp hot churro, piped it full of marshmallow fluff and brushed it with melted milk chocolate? I know right, your mouth is watering. You'll be asking for s'more once you have a bite of one of these babies.