Our CHURROS are fried to golden PERFECTION tossed in SUGAR and occasionally with a hint of cinnamon, served HOT and FRESH.

Traditionally these are eaten plain but we highly recommend that you try on or a mixture (yes we do half and half) of the following hand piped fillings to TANTALIZE YOUR TASTE BUDS.

* Dulce de leche *

One of our most popular fillings cooked down the old traditional Argentinian way in a big pot with farm fresh milk, sugar and hours or patience.

MC CHURRO Dulce de leche

* Spanish Chocolate Mousse *

A decadent dark chocolate mousse, rich and creamy not too bitter, not too sweet. Our chocolate mousse is whipped to perfection using the finest couverture dark Belgium chocolate.

MC-CHURRO-Lemon Meringue

* Vanilla Bean Bavarian Cream *

A luscious thick creamy custard infused with vanilla bean that is then lightened with whipped cream.


All of our flavours are gourmet. When visiting us at a MARKET you can expect our three FAMOUS flavours listed above and one over the top awesome CHURRO.

Think toasted marshmallows, salted bourbon butterscotch and lemon meringue pie, just to name a few. Have a look at OUR CHURROS to see more.

MC Churro