The Kitchen

The MC Churro Story

Our tale begins with two people, who by the seemingly unconnected timing of events and the chaos of life have their two unique and separate journeys intertwined into one.

Micaela who is an incredibly talented and accomplished pastry chef with a passion for all things tasty and delicious completed her studies and was employed at a quaint little bakery when Morné who was tired and utterly bored of the daily 9-5 grind of corporate life at an engineering company, decided to hand in his resignation and also convince her to take the plunge and embark on a journey with no clear path ahead.
They spent the next 6 months on the couch in her parent’s house trying to figure out what the next step would be or where to even start. All they had at their disposal was a very well stocked pantry, a kitchen with an arsenal of utensils and Micaela’s creativity and skill when it came to putting ingredients together.

One sticky hot summer’s evening they slotted in a copy of a movie by the name of “The Book of life” and in the opening scene there was a depiction of a little boy selling churros on the side of a road leading to a busy market square, Micaela asked Morné if he ever had a churro before and the answer was no, so she jumped up right away and heated up some oil while whipping up the pastry.

After frying them up and rolling them in cinnamon and sugar Morné took his first bite of a hot and crispy churro and then proceeded to eat an entire batch of 25 churros. After licking his chops with a very full belly and an air of satisfaction about him he declared that they should sell them.

The following week Morné was lucky to arrange a space at a very popular food market and armed with Micaela’s dad’s garden gazebo a camping table and a tray of churros they took their very first step on the journey that would ultimately lead to the birth of MC CHURRO…

A Churro history

There have been some heated debates and on the rare violent occasion some sugar and cinnamon crusted flying fists involved, when the topic of where the first churro originated from comes up in conversation. It has been said that the Spanish shepherds who resided up in the mountains when faced with a deadly bout of the sweet tooth created the first churro that they prepared on frying pans over camp fires. Tales from Iberia came in that there existed a breed of sheep called the “Navajo-Churro” which evolved from the “Churra” sheep of that region who had horns that look eerily similar to that of the famous fried pastry.

From the East reports came in that the sailors of Portugal came home with crumbs of pastry in their beards that look suspiciously like our famous churros after having visited Northern China where a pastry by the name of “Youtiao” was quite the popular dessert.

Whether the Chinese, Portuguese sailors or the Spanish shepherds receive the honor of having created the very first Churro, one thing can be said quite matter of factly and that is that the churro is loved world wide and here at MC CHURRO we pride ourselves by serving the very best churro we possible can.